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company profile
founded on baiyuan trousers established in 1995, global top e-commerce co., ltd (gte) held apparel retail as a major business at its early stage. after ten-plus years of development, with wide market recognition and rich managerial know-how, gte got a-share listed with stock code 002640 in shenzhen stock exchange on december 8, 2011.

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main business
  • cross-border e-commerce
  • apparel retail


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    based on gte’s practice and persistent research into cross-border e-commerce, gte worked hard to gain a foothold in this area. besides purchasing globalgrow, since 2015, gte has invested in five cross-border e-commerce enterprises with distinctive strengths: shenzhen qianhai patozon network & technology co., ltd., guangzhou bailun trade co., ltd., shenzhen tomtop technology co., ltd., shenzhen kuajignyi e-commerce co., ltd., and suzhou yijiyunshang network & technology co., ltd.

    strong corporate capability

    devoted into trousers business for 18 years, gte enjoys strong brand competitiveness as the first listed leading trousers enterprise.

    targeted brand customers

    gte targets middle-end customers in the second, third and fourth tier cities aging between 25 to 55 with mature consumption ideas and abilities.

    advanced managerial system

    gte’s managerial system, equipped with an integrated inventory platform covering various supply chains, has gone digital to reflect inventory of physical stores in real time.

    professional team support

    gte’s team is made up of sale experts to boost sales per unit hour.
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learning to make progress

to keep pace with the changing landscape, we must broaden our horizon and learn new knowledge to build an enterprising study-type enterprise only by constant learning, can our employees and gte be more competitive
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